My 5 steps to amazingly good pork crackling (every time!)

I've never managed to achieve crackling on a pork roast. Ever. Despite the countless tips I've received over the years from various people who have told me that their techniques are foolproof, my roasts have always been decidedly uncrackled. It's one of life's greatest disappointments.

Until now.

Looklooklooklook! Pork crackling 🙌🏼

How did I do it? I'm glad you asked. I've cracked the code and have unleashed the secret to great crackling each and every time (based on my experience of this one, excellent pork roast 😜). Here are my 5 fail-proof steps to drool-worthy crackling:

1. Dry out the rind.
Leave it overnight in the fridge uncovered so the cool air dries out the skin as much as possible. When you take it out, use paper towel to give it a cool final towelling.

2. Score the rind.
Criss-cross cuts through the skin (but not down to the meat) - easiest with a stanley knife so you can get the depth of the cuts just right.

3. Get the rind to room temperature as much as possible
Not sure if this is vital but it's what I did and so I've added it in. 

4. Rub the rind with oil and heaps of salt.
Slop some (olive) oil over the top and get it glistening, then sprinkle like a handful of salt over rub it all in, getting it into the cuts (ouch) and everything.

5. Put it into a super-hot oven 🔥
Max it out - I pre-heated my oven to the highest temp possible (240 degrees Celcius) then quickly put the roast in to avoid the heat escaping. Leave it in for about 30 mins (although if it smells like it's burning, act on this) then turn it down and cook as per your usual roast instructions. (Here's a how-to guide for roast pork, thank you Australian Pork. The presenter is gold.)

🐷 🍴 😍