How to cook a whole lamb (I looked on and I ate. Rustic meat perfection.)

A weekend on the farm with a big group of us called for a feast. And nothing says feast quite like cooking an entire beast! 🔥

We brined the lamb overnight (in the bathtub) in salty water, to lock in the moisture. Then the next day, we strung the little guy up on a homemade frame and positioned him over a slow burning fire. Mr Lamb stayed like that for the next 7 or so hours, with an occasional basting (the pit masters were collecting the melting fat in tin foil, as it dripped off the lamb). Then, it was time to eat!

Slow roasted whole lamb feast

We hacked the slow cooked beast into steaming piles of succulent meat. Finished off with a generous drizzle of Jules' 'special sauce' (a Basque recipe involving oil, vinegar and a lot of garlic). The best!